Cycling Coaching

Do you feel like you are not living up to your potential? Maybe your mediocre results are not satisfying anymore. Are you putting in the time and effort but not seeing the improved performance that you want to see? I want to help you achieve your absolute best performances and unlock your true abilities. I will help you learn to train right so that you are physically ready for the demands of competition. Beyond this and most importantly, you will learn to be a winner. This doesn’t necessarily mean winning every time you compete, but  it does mean bringing your absolute best and dictating the race instead of reacting to it. Whether you are looking to upgrade race categories, target a specific event, or learn what it takes to win both physically and mentally.

You already likely invest at least 30-40+ hours a month in training time. On top of this you pay to enter and travel to races or events, buy equipment, clothing, special food and drink, and arrange your schedule around cycling. If you want to stop merely competing and start winning and achieving your goals, invest in yourself and learn to become a winner.


Are you looking for a cycling training plan that is specifically tailored to your goals and schedule? Are you ready to move passed the generic training schedule and have a plan that fits your life and what you want to achieve and improve at? A custom training plan can be just the ticket. If you are self-motivated but just want somebody to guide you through how to train within your busy life and plan workouts that fit your objectives, I’m ready to help you. I have lots of experience fitting consistent, effective training into a busy, inconsistent life and will guide you through your season so that you can get the most out of the training time you have available and arrive at your goal events ready to achieve your best results.


  • Custom weekly workouts based around the schedule of time you provide me that you have available to train


  • Provide your training and racing goals and areas you want to improve on
  • Provide your available training schedule with the time you have available to train
  • Provide your racing schedule



I believe that if you are going to make an investment in yourself, that you should have the opportunity to receive the most benefit possible from that investment so the Breakthrough Coaching Package doesn’t just include a custom monthly training plan written just for you.


  • Custom weekly workouts based around your goals, schedule, ability and events. Do you need the plan tweaked because of a schedule change? No problem, send and email and we’ll make the change!

  • 2×20 minute phone calls/google hangouts to discuss your progress, any issues, questions or race prep.

  • Analysis of your training files. Whether you train with a power meter(recommended), heart rate monitor or just by feel, I will go over your training log to be able to evaluate with you where you should be headed.

  • Unlimited email communications-I may not get back to you right away because I have a job, life and train hard as well, but I will answer your email questions in a timely manner to help you with whatever I can.

  • Race planning and preparation-There is much more to successful racing than just showing up having done enough training. I will help you plan your strategy for A level races on your calendar and learn how to win.


  • Keep a detailed training log so that you and I can track your progress and improvement, evaluate your successes and failures and where you can improve.

  • Do your best to follow the plan. No plan can be followed absolutely, but you are investing your time and money to improve and sticking to the plan the best that you are able is key to that success.

  • Communicate with me so I know how things are going and what progress you are making. If a problem comes up I want to help you through it as quickly as possible.


To inquire about coaching or start getting coached, fill out this form and I will send you a questionnaire to get started.


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