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Cycling Training Plans-

Cycling Training Plan

Putting it all together for the race win!

Are you looking for a road map to help prepare you for a cycling event? In each of these plans I provide detailed weekly training   schedules designed to prepare you for optimum performance. You will be given daily assignments for training ranging from rigorous riding workouts to recovery days to skill work. Every aspect is designed to help you arrive at your even fully prepared to reach your goal. Through years of experience riding, training and trying different workouts, I have learned what works and how to design a training plan that you can use not only now but also in the future as you progress as a cyclist. All products on this page carry a risk free, money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied, simply contact me for a full refund.

Road Racing-

FREE! 4 Week Base Foundation Cycling Training Plan-$Free

To have a great cycling season and reach your goals you need to start the season off right. That means strengthening your base before you start the harder training and riding that come closer to your events. This free 4 week training plan will get you started on the right track to having a great season and reaching our goals. Starting out with 6-7 hours a week, this plan will build your aerobic efficiency, work on your pedaling efficiency and help build core and leg strength. Start your season off right. Download this plan for free and see how much you can improve this year. When you click to download, just enter “0” in the amount box. Don’t be fooled by the fact that this plan is free. The value of this four weeks of training is huge. Get started today. Download for Free

8 Week Base Foundation Cycling Training Plan-$37

Every cycling season needs a great foundation to be truly successful. This cycling base period training plan is built around 7-12 hour training weeks and is designed to help you build a strong foundation so that you will be prepared for the higher intensity training that will come as you approach your goal events. By combining endurance rides, pedaling and aerobic efficiency workouts and strength workouts, you will be fully prepared for the coming cycling season and the goals that you have set. In just two months you will be ready to tackle the more intense training of the build phase and start competing in competitions. Buy the Plan  

12 Week Build Phase Road Race Cycling Training Plan+The Mental Edge-$57

  Are you looking for a road map that will set you on course for a great cycling performance. This cycling training plan will help prepare you for the rigors of a rolling cycling road race of around 2-3 hours and is designed around 9-13 hour training weeks. This plan is a guide to assist you in gaining the fitness required to be competitive in a road race and workouts are designed to target the rigorous physiological demands of this type of racing. It is assumed that you will already have a base fitness level before starting this plan. Not only will you be able to follow this plan to achieve success, but you will learn the specifics of how a plan is constructed as well as what types of workouts will work to prepare you for a road race. Workouts are prescribed using power zones, heart rate zones and rate of perceived exertion, so you will be able to use this plan no matter what training tools you have available. In addition to the training plan, you also receive The Mental Edge, to help you be completely ready to have a breakthrough performance.

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10 Week Time Trial Training Plan-$57

If you are preparing specifically for a time trial even such as a state championship time trial or looking to dominate a time trial series, this time trial training plan is for you. You will build your ability to sustain threshold power as well as improve your muscular endurance. This plan is built around 10-12 hour training blocks with recovery weeks built in and a two week taper period at the end. As a bonus, I’ve included my pre-race time trial warm-up routine.

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Winning Mental Preparation-

Tour of Battenkill Training Plan and Complete Guide-$75(limited pre-sale price, available Dec. 4, 2015)

The Tour of Battenkill training plan and guide is the ultimate preparation tool for the Tour of Battenkill bike race. The guide covers everything you need to know and how to plan to make this race a great experience. You will walk through all the unique challenges that this race presents and the training plan will prepare you for the rigors of this challenging course. Pre-order now to get this great price which won’t last long.

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The Mental Edge-$7

The Mental Edge is an 18 page guide to unlocking your best performances. What is the difference between winners and those who were right there but finished mid pack? Often, it is not our physical ability and training that limits our performance, but rather our mental preparation or lack of preparation which affects how we perform on race day. The Mental Edge will unlock your full potential and guides you through preparing for competition so that you will be up to the challenge both physically and mentally and prepared to execute a plan and win.

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