K Edge Go Big Pro GoPro Handlebar Mount Review

Go Pro Handlebar Mount

K Edge Go Pro Handlebar Mount on My Bike

I bought this K Edge Go Big Pro GoPro Handlebar Mount last week. This is true bike bling. I have to admit I am a sucker for anodized CNC’d aluminum bits on my bike. Not only do they look cool, but they are extremely durable, light and strong. I tried a couple of the GoPro offerings to mount the HD camera to my handlebars but I wasn’t happy with how bulky they were. I addition to  being bulky, the mount that I tried was very difficult to get set up so that it wouldn’t move when I hit a bump.

Enter the K Edge mount. This thing is awesome. The mount is designed to work on a 31.8 mm handlebar meaning that it needs to be mounted close to the stem on your handlebar. No problem, that is where I wanted my camera to be anyway. The mount has an arm that extends forward a couple of inches to which you attach the camera housing. The arm and house both attach using hex bolts allowing for a rock solid snug setup. Since

K Edge Handlebar Mount

Side View

getting mine placed where I want it to be, it has not moved at all despite numerous hours riding on winter roads with large cracks and potholes.

The bonus in my opinion is the fact that my mount is anodized red. I wear red jerseys and have always ridden and loved bikes with red accents. Instead of the mount looking bulky and out of place, it adds a cool but subtle bling factor to the front end of my bike.

One thing to consider for those already running a K Edge Garmin GPS mount. Depending on how you have that mount set up, you may have a conflict with both items trying to occupy the same area due to a similar length to both mounts. Keep this in mind when considering the GoPro mount. I believe that this can be most likely overcome by angling the camera mount down slightly to place it. If you are looking for a more subtle mount look, the K Edge mount also comes in black and gunmetal. In addition to the handlebar mount, K Edge also makes a saddle rail mount for a rear facing camera view. If you are interested in purchasing the mount, I’d love for you to check out the link below. If you have any questions about the mount, please let me know.


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