2014 Racing Results

Tour of Battenkill Cat 2-33rd

Farmersville Road Race Cat 1/2-5th

Tour of Page County Cat 1/2/3-39th RR(flatted), 17th TT, 19th Crit, 25th overall

Piscatello Law Great Valley Crit Cat Pro/1/2-4th

Smoketown Airport Crit State Championship Pro/1/2-9th

Bank of America Wilmington Grand Prix Crit Cat 2-19th

Tour of Somerville Crit Cat 2-16th

Philly Amateur Time Trial Cat 1/2-6th

Tour of Washington County Kick-off Crit-30th

Gretna Bikes Race Ave. Crit 1/2/3-2nd! (see my post on getting drug tested at this race here)

Historic Marietta Crit 1/2/3-DNF(I stopped to check a friend who I watched crash into a stop sign pole and knock it down on the last lap.)

Somerdale Tour de Fish Crit 1/2/3-6th

Lake Nockamixon State Championship TT 1/2-6th, 35+-3rd

Iron Hill Twilight Crit Amateur Qualifier 1/2-10th

Iron Hill Twilight Crit Amateur Finals-4th

Tour de Millersburg TT-10th

Tour de Millersburg Crit-42nd

Tour de Millersburg RR-44th

Tour de Millersburg GC-33rd

Fair Hill Classic MTB Cat 2 30-39-5th



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