Racing Results

I post my racing results not out of vanity or because they are great or I am all that. I post them as motivation that you can use to progress and grow. It doesn’t happen overnight, but a few short years ago I was an average mid-pack finishing Cat 4 road racer. I was happy with that for a long time. I was in this to have fun and just finishing was no longer a challenge. After many years of thinking that I couldn’t improve enough to get better results, I decided that I know longer believed that. I decided to start to change how I did things. I changed my training and my thinking.

Then, in 2012, at the Rock Lititz Tour,  I had a breakthrough. I didn’t suddenly feel way stronger than I had before, but I had a much better result than I ever had. That’s when I really started to believe that I could achieve better results on a regular basis. It has been a process of growing since that point and I don’t think I’ve reached my limit yet. So check out my results, not because they mean anything to you or say anything about me other than that an average guy with a busy life, career and family can still find a way to progress and reach potential I previously thought was not possible. Use them as motivation that you too can achieve more than you think is possible!

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