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Beets and Cycling Performance

As a competitive athlete, I am always looking for ways to maximize my performance and training. I have limited time to train and I want to be able to perform at my highest level in competitions. Over the last several years there have been studies into the positive effects of dietary nitrate for endurance athletes. […]

Cycling off season goals

Cycling Off Season Goals

For me as a cyclist, the end of summer usually marks the end of a long cycling season that started some 9-10 months earlier. While I love riding, training and racing my bike, it is also a welcome break from the intense focus needed to compete at a high level. I have found that the […]


KMC Chain Review-the X10SL

One of the parts of your bike that wears most quickly with consistent riding is your chain. No matter how clean and well lubed you keep it, your chain will eventually wear out. Over time the chain wears to the point that the distance between the rollers increases and causes the chain to contact the […]

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Key Cycling Workouts

Over the last few years I have come to realize the importance of key cycling workouts. I have been working to improve my fitness and one of the best ways that has worked for me is to be focused and ready for what I like to call key workouts. I try to be consistent with […]

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