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Pushing Physical Limits-Finding Your True Potential

If you’ve been riding bike for any length of time and either race or go for hard, challenging rides, you are no doubt familiar with the feeling of pain that builds as a result of pushing yourself toward your physical limits. For many people, myself included, pushing one’s physical limits is one of the things […]

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Lessons in Overcoming Adversity to Reach My Goals

There are times when you have a goal and are pushing toward achieving that goal and something goes wrong and puts in doubt your ability to reach the goal. Sometimes these are little things like a small incident that happens, an unexpected project at work, sickness or injury or some other physical setback. Whatever the […]

Bike Race

Bike Racing Prepartation-What to do in the Days and Hours Before Your Race

So you’re new to bike racing. Your first race is approaching and you are wondering what you should do in the days and hours leading up to the bike race. That’s a great question and one that is slightly different for everybody. There are some pretty general ideas that will help you figure out what […]

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