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Why you should set training goals for each workout

So you have a training plan that you are following to reach our fitness goals for you bike racing season. When you go out on a training ride, what are you thinking about? What is your goal for the workout? Do you have one? Here’s why you should. If you are serious about making progress […]

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13 Tips to Make Riding Your Bike Trainer Suck Less

If you live in the northern United States or anyplace that experiences a cold winter, you can surely count on spending some time on your indoor trainer or rollers if you want to keep your fitness tuned up and start your bike racing season off before the weather warms up. While this can prove to […]

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Why I Do Regular Cycling Fitness Tests and You Should Too

This week was a recovery week for me. One of the features of my recovery weeks is a fitness test toward the end of the week. The fitness test serves several purposes. My ultimate training goal is to improve my bike racing fitness. I do a threshold interval that is designed to measure my power […]


Thanks for stopping by my site. Bike riding is a passion of mine and I hope to impart some of that passion as well as the knowledge and experiences that I have had to the readers of my site. Please feel free to leave comments or questions for me. I predominately compete in road races […]

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