Avoiding Burnout-Hit the Reset Button

Burnt Out? Hit Reset

Feeling Burnt Out? Hit Reset The feeling was one that I knew from past experience. It was partly lack of energy, both physical and mental(probably more mental.) There was some lack of motivation mixed in with a dose of inconsistent performances. There were days where the power was not even close to what I was […]

Getting Drug Tested- My Experience Getting Tested By USADA At A Local Bike Race

Last week I got drug tested by USADA! It didn’t come as a total surprise. That is to say, I knew that this year USADA would be conducting random in-competition testing at two Pennsylvania races as part of the USA Cycling Race Clean program designed to help bring random drug testing to local amateur races. […]

Thirty 48 cycling socks

Thirty 48-A Cycling Sock Review

Thirty 48 Review I like things that are designed to work for a specific need. I recently got a pair of socks from a company called Thirty-48 which sells running and cycling socks as well as compression sleeves that seem to fit this category. When I first heard about the company, Thirty 48, I wondered […]