Training Patience

When it comes to executing your training plan, one of the key aspects to success is patience. Patience can be a hard discipline to practice and yet it is key to a solid training plan. Without patience, you are likely to try to do too much, to train too hard without laying the necessary foundation […]

pain free cycling

Pain Free Cycling-Cycling Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Disclaimer-I am not a medical professional nor a bike fitter. If you experience pain on the bike that doesn’t go away, it is a good idea to seek professional evaluation to help diagnose the problem. Cycling Shouldn’t Be Painful-Pain Free Cycling! I’m not saying that it doesn’t hurt to push yourself to the brink, but […]

Avoiding Burnout-Hit the Reset Button

Burnt Out? Hit Reset

Feeling Burnt Out? Hit Reset The feeling was one that I knew from past experience. It was partly lack of energy, both physical and mental(probably more mental.) There was some lack of motivation mixed in with a dose of inconsistent performances. There were days where the power was not even close to what I was […]