Do I Need a Cycling Power Meter?

“I’m thinking about getting a bicycle power meter!” “Do I need a cycling power meter to get faster?” “Will a power meter make me faster?” These are all things that I’ve heard from cyclist recently and with the ever increasing availability and popularity of power meters in competitive and recreational cycling, I expect to hear […]

Training Patience

When it comes to executing your training plan, one of the key aspects to success is patience. Patience can be a hard discipline to practice and yet it is key to a solid training plan. Without patience, you are likely to try to do too much, to train too hard without laying the necessary foundation […]

pain free cycling

Pain Free Cycling-Cycling Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Disclaimer-I am not a medical professional nor a bike fitter. If you experience pain on the bike that doesn’t go away, it is a good idea to seek professional evaluation to help diagnose the problem. Cycling Shouldn’t Be Painful-Pain Free Cycling! I’m not saying that it doesn’t hurt to push yourself to the brink, but […]